To provide avenues for talented young people who may face obstacles in pursuing an education in the arts; thereby enriching their lives and arts organizations in our communities. Have you ever encountered a person in your life that had such an impact on you that it inspired you to be more? To be the best you that you could be? A person that looks at you, sees you for you who are, and says “I believe in you.” 

Paige Johnston Thomas was that person to so many of us. Sadly, she was taken from us much too soon, with so many more dreams left to pursue. When Paige departed, the void that she left was felt by the many that knew her. Dear friends of hers decided to come together as professionals in the arts to form a foundation in her honor.


…is to continue Paige’s legacy and influence in the arts in profound ways. Paige believed that passionate, young artists paved the future for the creative arts. We believe that these are the people who can continue to benefit from her life, and pay it forward throughout the arts community. We exist to connect purpose with opportunity.

Suggested Donation is $10, but whatever you can share on behalf of TACA’s Online Scene Night is appreciated